I’m Matt Perrault.

Matt Perrault professional photo

Just Who is Matt Perrault?

I’m glad you asked. I am many things, but most importantly, I am a UX Designer and Front-end Developer…or a “unicorn.” Speaking of mythological creatures, my chosen brand mark is a “griffin, griffon, or gryphon.” Not only am I sharp like an eagle, but I have the heart and gumption of a lion.

Matt Perrault logo

Like most mythological creatures, I am hard to come by…Having the ability to think and work like a designer and developer at will comes very natural to me. Truthfully, it all stems from my love for problem and puzzle solving. With the work I produce, I keep a sharp design eye and think with a strong developer mind. Hand me a problem, and I will execute it with a solution that is completely thought-out and masterfully beautiful.