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icitizen on-boarding

Discover: As the team was working towards updating and fixing the icitizen platform, we discovered that a lot of our users either stayed as guest users or the registered users weren’t completing essential account setup steps for account completion. Email verification was something that the development team said was to become essential for our registered users that haven’t confirmed their email addresses, as well as newly registered users.

The problem: The old join flow felt outdated and didn’t feel clear as to what the user was supposed to do to complete his/her account setup, nor did the user know why they were asked to give up sensitive information on the Voter Verification form. The goal was to also increase user conversion so that guest users would become registered users.

Deliver: Stewing on what was discovered for this project, the team and I worked through some user flows that would feel streamlined as a Guest User would transition into a Registered User. After a few working session and communicating with the development team, we landed on the user flow shown below:

icitizen Join Flow

With this flow, we knew the account registration process would feel simpler and guide new users into the icitizen platform through a simple join form, three account setup steps, and an account setup checklist to remind the newly registered users of all of the items they skipped over so that the users could complete their account setup. After working out the user flow, high fidelity mockups were requested to design around all of the project’s specifications. Below, you’ll see some of the designed views that went into this project:

Join Flow Form - Blank

Join Flow Form - Filled

Below is the animation of once a user finishes the Join Form and clicks the “Join” button:

Below, you’ll see the three steps for Account Setup:

Account Setup Steps


If a current user has outstanding account setup items or a new user has skipped some or all of the items during the account setup, the Account Setup Checklist:

Homepage Account Setup Checklist

Decipher: Analytics were placed on every conversion point to ensure that we could track every user’s progress. We kept close attention on email verification and we were pleased to find out that there was an increase registered users having verified emails on the platform. Although the amount was small, there was an increase in Voter Verified users on the platform and new users overall. The team is still continuing to see positive results.

Join Flow
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