Matt Perrault

Hello! I’m Matt Perrault.


I am a UX Designer and Front-end Developer…or a “unicorn.” Speaking of mythological creatures, my chosen brand mark is a “griffin, griffon, or gryphon.” Not only am I sharp like an eagle, but I have the heart and gumption of a lion.
Logo Before & After
Like most mythological creatures, I am hard to come by…Having the ability to think and work like a designer and developer at will comes very natural to me. Truthfully, it all stems from my love for problem and puzzle solving. With the work I produce, I keep a sharp design eye and think with a strong developer mind. Hand me a problem, and I will execute it with a solution that is completely thought-out and mastefully beautiful.


I originally hail from small town called Bridesburg inside of the big city of Philadelphia. In 2012, I graduated from my alma mater, Philadelphia University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design. Before I graduated, I realized that there was an ever-growing need for someone who can design and develop front-end code. With that in mind, I hit the grindstone and taught myself the basics of coding websites (HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript). After working really hard to expand my skills and talents, I applied to a company called Intermark Group in Birmingham, AL and was hired and moved within two weeks of talking with the ECD on the phone. Then the real journey began once moved and settled in BHAM.


Since then, I have grown much with my skills, talents, and thinking. Looking back on the past few years, I value all of the expriences that I have had whether good or bad. Each experience has led to me becoming a better person, designer and developer.