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Matt Perrault

Just Who is Matt P?


Hello! I am a UX Designer and Front-end Dev currently living in Nashville, TN. With my sharp eye for design and keen adaptability for dev, I consider myself similar to a mythical creature for that very reason…kind of like a gryphon. I have a strong passion and desire to creatively solve problems and produce excellent experiences through product design that deliver ease-of-use and delight to the user. Aside from all of that, there is so much more…

I’m originally from Philly and I grew up in a relatively small neighborhood called Bridesburg. I went to college at Philadelphia University for Graphic Design from 2008–2012 without any prior art or design experience. After those four years, I was trained into a Graphic Designer of whom was among the top individuals of his graduating class. I was very proud of that accomplishment and I knew then that if I put my heart and soul into my work, I would be able to achieve astounding heights. Shortly after graduating, I applied to an agency, in Birmingham, called Intermark Group and was hired as a User Interface Designer. Once I moved to Birmingham, my journey officially began as a young designer in a fast-moving industry.

After a few years in Bham, I decided that I wanted to know more about the other end of product design…development. Networking was key for me because it allowed me to meet some truly fantastic people. One of those fantastic people was Billy Boozer. He reached out to me randomly one day and asked if I was interested in coming to work at Cayenne Creative as an Interactive Developer. Needless to say, this opportunity was a golden chance to fulfill my desire to throw myself into the weeds of development. After interviewing with Billy and Sam, they both knew I didn’t have much dev experience, but saw the fiery passion I had and took a chance by hiring me on. I won’t say it was easy, because it wasn’t. The first week as an Interactive Developer was a trial-by-fire experience and I pushed myself further than I could have ever imagined. My passion was the fuel that kept me going through those long days and nights. I am grateful for that experience because Billy and Sam saw something in me that I didn’t recognize fully at that time.

To this day, I value every experience that I have gone through and keep my passion fueled for product design and development. I can’t help but smile when I talk about it. There is more to my story, and if you would love to know more reach out to me and let’s talk, grab a coffee or brew.