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43 One Website

The Salon 43 One website was a really fun project, because I had always wanted to design and develop a salon website. Working with Rock and Brittany was such an enriching experience because they both have amazing personalities and have a keen sense for clean and high-end design. This website features a lot of Rock’s photography and his modern style of photography. Knowing his sense of style, I was able to design a clean, simple layout that allowed for all of their information that they were trying to convey to be easily digested by their users.

This website was actually a redesign of a website that they previously had, but we aware that their users were having trouble navigating it. Plus, it didn’t quite represent their brand essence. With the new look and feel, it conveyed the high-end experience a client would received while getting his or her hair cared for at the salon.


Still keeping up with Rock and Brittany, I am pleased to know that their website has received a lot of compliments and has actually increased the volume of appointments. At the end of the day, that’s what my work is about…making a positive difference for my clients’ goals.



Design/UX – Matt Perrault
Development – Matt Perrault
Copy – Matt Perrault | Rock & Brittany
Photography – Rock Sandretto
Copyright – Salon 43 One