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The Redmont Hotel

Designing the Redmont Hotel logos was one of the best freelance opportunities that I have ever had the privilege to design. Black Benak had approached me, by a friend referral about designing a logo/mark for a hospitality agency called Rhaglan Hospitality. Of course, I accepted the opportunity and started down a line that would eventually win me the opportunity to design/rebrand the entire Redmont Hotel. Each mark represented the experience and feeling you have when you are in the different sections of the hotel.

Rhaglan Logo

After finalizing the Rhaglan logo, I began working on three logos simultaneously because the Redmont had a tight deadline to get the logos produced before they had to reopen the newly renovated hotel. There was the main mark:

The restaurant and bar mark:

Harvest Logo

The coffee shop mark called 2101:

Then…after a year, they were ready for the rooftop bar. The hospitality and brand manager had contacted me to design the last logo for the hotel, since I had done a “beautiful job” with the other three logos. The Rooftop Bar logo:

The Rooftop Logo

Design – Matt Perrault
Copyright – The Redmont Hotel | Hilton