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NVO Website

The NVO website is definitely one of my most proud works and moments at Cayenne Creative. As an interactive developer at Cayenne, I was given the opportunity to redesign and generate a new experience for Northern Virginia Orthodontics. After getting to know what the client’s desires and needs were, I fought an uphill battle that led to a thoughtful, intuitive and interesting brand experience through their website. My goal was to design and develop a web experience for NVO that was clean, intuitive and told their brand story from two different sides, the braces side and the Invisalign side.

After working tirelessly through multiple designs that unamused the client, I had a strong gut feeling that I needed to take the web experience in a new direction. That new direction is what is live today and it tells the story of NVO in a playful, clean and sophisticated manner so that their target audience would see the translation of the “in-office” experience repeated on the website. Thus, attracting a larger client-base to their business.

Through designing this website, I found that I enjoy throwing in small “lagniappes” or a little something extra to please the user and the client simultaneously. One example is this 404 page design below:


Most importantly, I valued my experience putting a lot of time and effort into their mega navigation for desktop and mobile.



And of course, one of my favorite specialties and passions is to design icons. (One of the challenges was to design conceptual icons that would fit in the orthodontics industry, but must exclude any image of a tooth).



Design/UX – Matt Perrault
Development – Matt Perrault and Tom Moore
Creative Director – Daniel Murch
Copy – Catherine Farlow
Interactive Director – Sam Brasseale
Copyright – Northern Virginia Orthodontics | Cayenne Creative